Make Your First Game This Summer at Philly GameWorks

This summer we have great topics lined up for people of all ages to make their first game.  Whether you have any computer programming experience or just want to see what using a game toolset looks like.

The best way to keep up to date with the events as they are scheduled is to join the meetup.  You can join us here: Philly GameWorks [Malvern] Game Development Group.

July 12 – Construct 2 – Make games with “no coding required”

Join us on July 12th, when we’ll be working with Construct 2 (RSVP here), a game toolset you can download for free today and start making 2D games that will run on web sites or on Windows, iOS, Android devices and more.  This toolset offers a “no-code” environment to make it friendly and easy to make the game you’ve dreamed of.  Come to this meetup and bring your laptop to learn how to get started.


Don’t sell this toolset short.  It is used by professional developers, too.  Games made with Construct 2 are available on many major marketplaces, including the Steam PC game service.

This is perfect for kids (we’re guessing around 8 and up), but the younger kids might enjoy working with an adult until they get a little experience.

Microsoft has two complete online video courses to help you get started at:

Game Development with Construct 2
Developing Windows 10 Games with Construct 2


August 9 – Make Fun Games With Scratch

On August 9th, you can learn to use MIT’s Scratch environment to make games (RSVP here).  This is perfect for kids and adults who attend the Kids Can Code night at Philly.NET in June.  But even if you don’t make it to that meetup, Mara Grigore will explain the basics of the Scratch programming environment and show you how to make your own games.

Scratch is perfect for young kids, as it teaches programming concepts through visual connections of blocks that perform commands.  You can watch everything happen right as you work, and you can optionally share your creations with the world.  Bring your Windows or Mac laptop (Flash is required for the online version) and join Mara as she helps you get started.


August 23 – Get Started with Unity 5 – Hands On

On August 23rd, we’ll reboot our group’s look into the Unity 5 engine (RSVP here).  Unity 5 is a leading cross-platform game development tool for 3D games.  Used for many professional games, it is a powerful engine to get started on your first 3D game.  At this meetup, we will create a simple 3D game and jumpstart your entry into making your first game.

Unity 3D Game Engine

Games can be made in Unity without any coding, but you can add more power to your games with scripts.  At the meetup, we’ll take a brief look at how you can use the C# programming language to make your creation come alive.  Discovering all that Unity has to offer will take more than one meetup, so look for future topics that drill down on specific features.

Join Philly GameWorks!

People of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to join Philly GameWorks.  We intend to serve the game development community in the Philadelphia area and help people make games.  The best way to keep up to date with the events as they are scheduled is to join the meetup.  You can join us here: Philly GameWorks [Malvern] Game Development Group.



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