Unity 3D Character Animation

On November 10 at Philly Gameworks, we introduced Character Animation in Unity.  The lab helped people animate their first humanoid character and then we shifted to a lab you can try online if you missed the lab or want to try again.

Here are resources you can use that we discussed at the lab:

Unity 4.0 Mechanim Tutorial on YouTube – This tutorial can be used as is with Unity 4.0, or you can open the sample file in Unity 5.0 and have the project converted.  From here you can learn the basics.

Setting up a Humanoid Avatar on Twitch – Shortly after our lab, Unity’s live online training on Twitch did a session on Character Animation.  Check out the recording.  The live broadcast starts early, and the training starts around the 22 minute mark.

Building Windows 10 Games with Unity 5 – Don’t let the name fool you.  This is first and foremost a Unity 5 course, and then some Windows 10 specific information is tacked on at the end.  Free and well worth a look.

Brackeys channel on YouTube –  All kinds of great Unity content.

Mixamo – Create Animated Characters you can use in Unity.  Now part of Adobe and it’s cloud offerings.  Currently free.

MakeHuman – Free and open source tools for 3D Character creation.

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