Make Games with your Kinect!

Tonight at Philly GameWorks, we were honored to have Amanda Lange teach us about how to develop for the awesome Kinect device.

The Kinect v2 shipped first with the Xbox One, and for a short time it was sold separately as the Kinect for Windows.  Now that there is a separate power adapter that lets you use your Kinect from your Xbox One with your PC, there will soon only be available to purchase the standalone Kinect for Xbox device, and you can also buy the power adapter and now have one device that will work for your Xbox One or your PC!

Phew, with that out of that way, we talked about a lot of things that you may want to check out.  To spare you from having to write them down, links are listed below.  If we forgot something, let us know in the comments or on Twitter @phillygameworks and we’ll make sure to get it to you.

Kinect Speech Bubbles from Shahed Chowdhuri

Visual Studio Community (free version you can use to make games today)

Kinect for Windows SDK

pyKinect: Kinect SDK package for Python

Programming Kinectv2 for Windows video series on Channel 9

GesturePak v2.0
Free library that helps you record gestures with your Kinect that you can detect later

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