Cesium: A WebGL engine for globes and maps

With support across all browsers and all desktop and mobile platforms, WebGL now truly brings 3D to the web.

On April 9th we are hosting Matthew Amato at Philly GameWorks.  He will introduce the Cesium engine to us. an open-source WebGL engine for 3D globes and 2D maps. With live demos and short code examples, he’ll showcase its major features and parallels with a typical game engine.

Some developers go down to the metal and use WebGL directly; however, most use WebGL through higher-level JavaScript libraries for graphics engines, game engines, etc.   We’ve seen BabylonJS already and by checking out Cesium we hope you’ll get an understanding for what WebGL can do for you overall and how you can best take advantage of the higher level abstractions being built on top of it.

Check out the meetup at: http://bit.ly/1CxSGLu

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