More than a game: Tips for publishing your Unity game

RSVP at our Meetup Site:

Please RSVP for this one!  It will help to have an idea of how many people are coming.  We also will have a few copies of a Unity development book to give away!

We’ve had a lot of meetups at Philly GameWorks where we learn the mechanics of making games.  We’ve created characters and controlled them as they run across our screens.  We’ve learned to make 3D worlds with terrains, skyboxes, and environmental sounds.

But you need a lot more to finish your game.  A game has menus and on screen displays that show status and scores, you might want to display ads.  And of course, you need to build the game for the various platforms you are going to support.

Thursday night, we are going to spend a little time on each of these concerns

Unity 4.6 New GUI Tools – We’ve been saying for awhile now: “When Unity 4.6 gets here, there will be all new tools to build your game’s user interface.”  Well, Unity 4.6 is here!  To follow along with this part of the evening, you will HAVE to have Unity 4.6. So get to the Unity download page and upgrade if you haven’t done so.

Unity 4.6 Download:

AdRotator – Rob Irving is coming to show us the AdRotator from AdDuplex.  This multiplatform control supports a wide variety of advertising partners, and Rob will explain how to use this in Unity and why you want such a powerful control on your side.  You can download AdRotator ahead of time from:

AdRotator Direct Download for Unity:

More about the AdRotator plugin:

Publishing – It helps to have Visual Studio Community or higher installed, so we can build the game for the various Windows Platforms.  We’ll also try to build it for another platform, too!  (This is Unity after all)

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