2015 At Philly GameWorks

Our 2015 Schedule is coming together now and it looks exciting!  First off in January we are going to hear from Andrew Smith, the Director of Developer Education at AgeCheq.  He’s going to teach us how to use the great Phaser framework to make games that will work right in your browser.  Phaser is also optimized for mobile browsers.

Check out the meetup here: Coding With Kids With the Phaser Framework

But that’s not all.  Andrew wants you developers to bring your kids and get them interested in programming. He is going to start from the very beginning of web development basics.  There is no better way to get your kids excited about development than to ignite their passion for creating their own games (it’s what I did on my first PC).

Here are some of the other topics we are scheduling right now for the first half of the year:

  • Creating 3D Assets for your 3D Games
  • Making your First 3D Game With Unity
  • Building Mods for Minecraft
  • PHL Collective will join us to talk about publishing their games on Steam and for consoles

And as always we are reaching out to the rest of the Philadelphia game development community and we will be hearing from more game publishers so they can help us learn the art of finishing games.

Come join us at Philly GameWorks in 2015 and get ready to publish your first game.

2 thoughts on “2015 At Philly GameWorks

    • We’re definitely going to get this scheduled. I personally spent hundreds of hours playing Minecraft when it was pretty new and I see it absolutely everywhere. I figured there are plenty of youth who could get their start in game development by modifying a game they love.

      This is a great way to get into the industry, too. Plenty of small game studios got their start simply modding popular games (especially games built for it the way Valve built Half-Life and Id built Quake) and were late bought thanks to their efforts. Counter-Strike and Team Fortress were mods!

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