Introduction to 3D Graphics – Terminology Not Code

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It’s often easier to understand the ideas of 2D game graphics with sprites or spritesheets that contain frames of animation. But the world of 3D graphics is filled with lingo and scary sounding math.

From vectors, matrices, vertices, and meshes to shaders, skinning, and tweening, this presentation is a primer on “How 3D Works” so that you can more easily understand the libraries, frameworks, and game creation tools that are throwing these terms at you.

Come join us for a presentation about the “lingo” of 3D graphics that you will encounter in game engines like Unity, Unreal Engine, or in programming texts, blogs, and samples. This is a presentation where code is NOT the star. Instead, we want you to come away feeling comfortable that you can get started with great tools to build games and high performance graphics.

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