Coming up at Philly GameWorks

This post lays out our agenda for the rest of the year.  To finish the month of September, we’ll finish exploring platformer games at the meeting on September 25th.  Bring your laptops with Unity installed, because this is a Hands-On lab!

In October, we will shift focus to games in the browser.  This is great for beginners to web development and if you’re an experienced web developer you may be surprised as to how powerful the browser platform has become to support web based games.  The meetings for October are October 9th and 23rd.

The 9th is a presentation on BabylonJS, a game engine for modern browsers that lets you use your JavaScript skills to build games.

The 23rd will be a Hands On Lab where we can all build our first Web based game together.

In November and December, there will only be one meeting each so we can all enjoy our holiday time.  But the group will spend the 2nd Thursday of each working on our first 3D games.  There will be Hands-On time to go along with 3D development basics.

It’ll be an exciting end of the year at Philly GameWorks.  Be sure to watch this space, and follow @phillygameworks on Twitter for short announcements and updates.

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