May 22 – Philly GameWorks meetup – Showcase and Workshop

Register for the meetup here:  Philly GameWorks Workshop Night

We’ve spent the first few meetings learning about the Unity game creation tools.  Philly GameWorks will definitely have more teaching and learning, but we also want to be a hands-on group where you can come get help or find others eager to try your games.

So on May 22nd, our meetup is a Game Development Showcase and Workshop.  We will invite anyone who wants to share their games or have others try them out to join us and present their work and work-in-progress.

But we also are a place for you to learn and grow.  The recent presentations and labs for Unity will be transformed into complete hands-on tutorials you can work on with the full support of others who are there to join us.

This is a more informal night than what we’ve done so far, so we hope that encourages everyone to come out and bring their laptops and projects.  It’s okay if you’ve never built games before.  We are here to help.

The labs we’ll have for you do use the Unity game engine so make sure you have that downloaded and installed (  Everything we do at Philly GameWorks aims at low and no-cost options so just get the free version.

Next month, we’ll start taking a look at another popular cross-platform framework, so there will always be new learning to enjoy.  See you there!



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