May 20, 9PM EDT – Introduction to Game Development with Unity Webcast

Hi everyone.  On Tuesday, May 20th at 9pm (Eastern US Time), Philly GameWorks will be producing a webcast on getting started with game development with the Unity game engine.

Philly GameWorks is all about teaching anyone to make and publish their own games.  The Unity game engine is a good place to start. With it’s visual workflow, it’s very quick to be playing the game you are working on and get fast feedback on all the fun you are creating.

The webcast will be live on so you can follow along and ask questions with the built in chat.  Chris Gomez will be leading the way at his broadcast site at:

The Unity game engine quickly imports graphics and sound assets and allows you to place them fast.  You can set up animations fast, too.  And when it’s time to code your game’s specific logic, you can use C#, JavaScript, or Boo.  In this webcast, Chris will concentrate on using C#, although he will show a quick example of JavaScript in Unity so folks more comfortable with it can move forward on their own.

The pace will be presentation style, but afterwards you could watch a replay and follow along, pausing to catch up on your own system.

We look forward to seeing you May 20th!

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