Kickoff meeting demo project now posted

At the kickoff meeting of Philly GameWorks, we saw a presentation on how to get started with Unity (  The short example given that went over importing graphics, spritesheets (for 2D animation) and creating some very basic collision detection and camera control is now posted online.

The assets and idea for the demo used that night were taken from the book: Unity 2D Game Development by Dave Calabrese.  This book comes highly recommended as it does focus on getting around the Unity interface and is very current.

You can find the book here:

I have changed the assets to some free assets.  The “platform” (rocky plateau) was modified from the open sourced material from the now defunct Glitch online game (

The animated robot was sourced from a contribution to Specifically it is Fighting Robot for Ultimate Smash Friends by Redshrike.  You will note I converted to png and removed the key color to get free transparency support in Unity.

Other than that, the code and settings are the same.

Download the sample project here:

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